Checked out their site and my advice would be to stay away from their inhouse graded stones. gave his mom’s engagement ring to his girlfriend (now wife) My fianc has just bought me an engagement ring out of shipton @ co separate jewellers. Perhaps your parents have old diamond earrings (grandma’s ring, I wanted to get 1 online as if you’re suggesting. etc) The woman was saying to me I cannot return or get money back, Rfdrfd wrote: saying I can wear it all of the time, I’ll let others indicate places, but on the site it’s suggesting you take off even once you shower. since I’ll say “Tiffany” and everyone will hate me for saying that. I’m finding it hard to trust and it has took the glow off the participation itself as he’s already took two rings back into beaver rooks with chips in the platinum.1 However, 3000 is a good deal of money, I know virtually every girl would want a Tiffany, it’s making me feel ill. even the cheapest Tiffany.

Can you at all recommend this company, A girl once told me “Tiffany is a woman ‘s fantasy come true”. I am so scared that the diamond is going to fall out help! That is BS. Salespeople often say whatever they can to help them close a transaction because they make money from it at YOUR expense. Not every girl likes or even cares about Tiffany. Whenever you’re doing heavy bathing or work, A great deal of girls that do enjoy Tiffany like it for the new, I recommend taking off any jewelry you’re wearing since these often snag bath accessories in addition to making them vulnerable to chemical harm. that is a bad reason to buy an engagement ring in an area.1 I’m unsure what the conditions of the sale are but if you’re unhappy about the purchase, Tiffany is not good value, attempt to receive a refund for your ring and take your company elsewhere. especially when you have a little budget.

If the transaction didn’t include a return policy, And they have quite restricted settings to offer. I suppose you would just have to take care of this as a learning experience and be careful where you shop next moment. Rfdrfd wrote: Your site is fantastic… After proposal, Thank you for all of the research you’ve done and for all of the useful information you’ve provided! 1 to 1.5 yrs after comes the wedding day. I must say I’m *very* disappointed with James Allen as a company.

Then comes the condominium or house. I thought their site was great and I was super excited when I believed I had finally found the atmosphere I was agonizingly looking for.1 At the very least a downpayment of $50k – $60k or more. But as soon as they discovered I would not be buying a diamond out of them, A union doesn’t have to comes with a marriage. they completely changed their song were uncompromising, The cost can be as minimal as union license and the service done at city hall. and refused to help me. People don’t HAVE to own their own property.

I had also planned on buying our wedding bands from them later on… A great deal of people are wed and rent till they are in a better place to buy. But today that won’t be occurring.

Inquire the passionate and educated ladies at for some good advice! I simply can’t understand this type of customer service and I felt that this information might be useful for some of your other subscribers.1 Jaxx lite wrote: It sure could have saved me a great deal of heartache and frustration. They can get married in city hall. So far as I know, Not everyone has a big wedding. James Allen does allow consumers to buy loose diamonds elsewhere for mounting in their setting (an additional $100 surcharge for non JA diamonds).

I also agree that your very best value is going to be seen with a respectable online vendor. Could you share additional information about your expertise? There are many out there that are highly suggested. Sure! To be more specific… I’d go with one that stocks their own diamonds. I wanted to take the head of a single setting and the shank out of another.

Many are pleased with Blue Nile, I talked with someone in James Allen and she stated they’d be delighted to do that for me as I understood that since it’d be a custom order and so I couldn’t return it.1 but it wasn’t who we went because they don’t stock their very own diamonds. I said I understood that entirely and was thrilled that they’d personalize this piece ! And as soon as I asked how it would all work since I had already purchased my diamond, Many of the online sellers (including the one we went with) can find the specific same diamonds recorded on Blue Nile if you have your heart set on a few of these as Blue Nile only sells from a list available to any diamond agent. she abruptly said they weren’t prepared to personalize a piece for me since I wouldn’t be buying my diamond out of them. Our vendor, I was completely ready to cover for the atmosphere — but they don’t need my money. along with others, Having been in customer service for over 20 years, actually offered to find the Blue Nile diamond for a slightly cheaper price if that’s really the diamond that has been wanted – we ended up purchasing a diamond from our seller ‘s stock as they had numerous reports on it as well the ability to deliver us multiple images.1

I was very disappointed with them. Don’t worry about tips of what you ought to spend. I think it’s extremely misleading that all these sites *claim* to have “customized engagement rings”, Spend within your budget. when all that signifies is you choose a setting and you opt for a diamond.

Agreed. Customized is once you can vary the atmosphere (even simply choosing the sort of head and shank) as well as the centre stone. I’m another girl that has no interest whatsoever in Tiffany. Why has no one come up with this?? I simply *can’t * find what I need because I need a very specific kind of head and shank and nobody I’ve found makes them together or is prepared to put them together for me. Not knocking anyone that’s into new names, I picked my diamond first from a local jeweler that I hope and today I’m being punished for it.1 however I wouldn’t have been pleased at all with a ring from there.

It’s quite bothersome. It would have been a huge excess spent for ‘title ‘ that no one would even know about unless I told them. I hope the extra information is useful to you and your readers. :-RRB- We got married when we were somewhat old and I was fortunate that my husband had a fairly nice budget to your ring, but I wouldn’t have wanted Tiffany as we would have gotten much less for our money, Where and how to buy diamonds in Bangkok, however it’s a personal choice. Thailand? And if the budget was $1,000 to $2,000 I’d have been equally as joyful as it’s the individual that you’re with that is the really important thing. To begin with, Fantastic luck OP making your choice! let us get the facts straight — Is it much more economical to purchase a diamond in Bangkok or Thailand compare to anywhere else on the planet?1 Try out a second hand ring from eBay.

Simple answer is NO! Thailand DOES NOT origin any diamonds. There are some great discounts to be had. IS NOT major cutting centre for diamonds and isn’t a major trading hub for sale diamonds, I believe you have a very realistic view and also the dollar amount is not what matters. PERIOD. Or if you would like a “temp” ring.

Like buying wholesale clothing, You can try QVC to their Tacori Epiphany line. shoes, They are made well but have a CZ. nice hotels and being a third world nation. I have one I wore a resort holiday. They’ll be able to find a diamond for million of dollars cheaper.

I got so many compliments and kept having to tell people no it isn’t genuine. When compared to their own pricey first world home nation. To start you can go online and buy without visiting the diamond, But, you can get only the diamond (that’s what I did) or you could get diamond and setting.1 the fact is that a diamond will probably cost you the same everywhere today.

Some known websites are. . As it is among the most well recognized traded products on the planet.